VOCES 360 advises and assists governments at all levels and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes on how to best involve vulnerable groups in decision-making, and practice. We do this by carefully building relationships with these groups, listening to and documenting their needs and experiences to inform decision-making.




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At VOCES 360 our team of experienced researchers values personal stories and lived experiences of marginalized populations, with a special emphasis on refugees, asylum seekers, migrants with precarious immigration status, persons in need of international humanitarian protection, stateless persons, and racialized and minority communities.

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Responsive Expertise and Services in four areas:

Project Methodology

Project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Evidence-based research to support new and existing programs.


Assess criteria, gather information, and write and submit effective grant applications.


Leading and moderating workshops and conferences.


Authentic, Genuine Researcher who strives to bring humanity and agency to people who are often overlooked by decision makers, the media, and by the general population.
My approach to research is to visit partners and stakeholders, listen to their needs, identify the problem and attempt to come up with a solution. If I can use that solution to help others, then all the better.

Survey Design and Delivery

In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups

Arts-Based Methods

Software-Assisted Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis


  • Equitable, fair immigration policies
  • Immigration and border policies
  • Human rights of people on the move
  • The safe movement of irregular migrants, refugees, and unaccompanied minors
  • Irregular migrants and sanctuary cities
  • Migration corridors
  • Human trafficking

Education and labour market transitions of immigrant, refugee, racialized, and
minority young people.


Youth employment and entrepreneurship in Canada and the Global South


In our research with marginalized populations, especially refugees, women are often portrayed as victims. We work with women to reclaim their status as persons with the agency and capacity to make their own decisions.


Education and empowerment of vulnerable women and youth

International Research Ethics

Producer: Dr. Bree Akesson


It is always invigorating to meet someone who is dedicated to using their expertise and privilege to better the wellbeing of others. Stacey Wilson-Forsberg is clearly one of these people. Stacey’s passion for the marginalised, immense energy and insightfulness imbues her every action and interaction. Adventure4change has immensely benefited as a direct result of Stacey’s partnership in our efforts to enrich the lives of those who currently find themselves in vulnerable life situations.

Jeremy Horne

Former Director Adventure4change Waterloo 

I have collaborated with Stacey Wilson Forsberg on several occasions for the last seven years. In a multicultural environment, the work carried out together has always been very enriching, as Prof. Wilson-Forsberg brings innovative ideas and approaches always taking into consideration the specific needs and situations research focused on people must have.
The published work of Prof. Wilson Forsberg is both insightful and clear, allowing for new and experienced readers to approach topics which otherwise might seem daunting

Dr. Diana Correa Corrales

Tec de Monterrey Mexico City Campus

Community Partners and Research Funders